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Taking Things Online

In this article, the manager of a male escort agency tells us about the changing world his business is operating in and what male escorts and their clients can expect in the current climate. Can some kind of intimacy, friendship and connection still be made when moving into the online realm from the real world during lockdown?
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My life as a submissive with Borderline Personality disorder

This series will explore aspects of sexuality from my readers’ own perspectives and will be posted anonymously unless requested otherwise.
Please email your contributions to
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Sex, Lies, and illusions- An Erotic Art Blog

Originally written by me, Joanna Lawrence, in my own erotic art blog People do ask me what my work is really about,...

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Time for Jack Valentine to come knocking…

It’s the stuff of folklore here in beautiful Norfolk, a tradition spanning centuries, with a resurgence in recent years...
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Relationship audit – will you delete?

​Sinsins has teamed up with Judith Flowerday, life coach & elite matchmaker. We are passionate about what we do and how we can you create the love you deserve.
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