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Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!
Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!

Taking Things Online

In this article, the manager of a male escort agency tells us about the changing world his business is operating in and what male escorts and their clients can expect in the current climate. Can some kind of intimacy, friendship and connection still be made when moving into the online realm from the real world during lockdown?

Is it time to consider taking the plunge and putting yourself up for hire as a virtual escort?

A Virtual Spin on Hooking Up
If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how much we need others. Humans are social animals. We crave companionship. That’s what makes a site for virtual dating so welcome.

You will be surprised how many professional male escort service agencies that had been running for quite long specifically in the UK.

No commitments.

No pressure.

Just an opportunity to connect to talk, relax, and spend time together.

These Changing Times
Many escort services have been in business for years, helping women find the companionship they need on their terms. These companies have seen it all—except for a pandemic of this proportion. That’s why some like Gentlemen4hire is taking things online with Zoom, Facetime, or Skype for virtual dates.

After all, physical distancing doesn’t have to mean abandoning your social life.
Instead of attending the theatre or dining out, you meet your date in front of your computer or mobile device at your preset time. Life goes on in this innovative and safe way.

Now, more than ever, men and women need each other’s company. Isolation isn’t an option. Think of virtual dating as a sideways move until the bans on non-essential social contact are lifted. You set your charge per half an hour of communication to keep your connections going, even if you can’t meet in person.

You’ll provide someone with the much-needed support they want while helping yourself during these challenging times. It will also open a whole new world of assisting your customers in this globally connected world.

Like everyone, the industry is monitoring the situation and world events to stand by their commitment to providing the best quality service. The move to online meetings instead is a resourceful answer to staying connected.

How Virtual Escort Services Work
These sites make it simple. Men can sign up with an affordable monthly subscription cost with no sign- up fee for some companies. We suggest checking out all the costs. You can then set your hourly rate for in-person dates and online communication. Your profile is your billboard to show what you can bring to the table—or computer screen!

These sites will help new escorts through the entire process, including this new virtual venue. Many have numerous testimonials about the value of their service from many satisfied women. The industry has shown it again with this solution that puts the health and safety of their escort and their dates first while keeping those vital channels of communication open.

Stick with services that value your privacy, too. No one should know your side gig other than users on the site. We prefer payment is upfront and in cash for face-to-face dates. Your data remain secure with no affiliations to third-party companies.

We prefer dealing with a professional escort service agency that provides totally platonic services to their customers.

Why Consider Being an Escort?
Being an escort offers a fun and exciting way to meet people while making a second income. Many guys fill in as dates for parties, weddings, or other events at no cost to you other than your transportation. And virtual dating removes that expense!

Think about it. You get paid for being charming.

Working as an escort gives you the chance to meet others and build your communication skills, too. The fact that it is online for now isn’t a barrier. You might even make some excellent networking connections at corporate events. Many sites make it easier with market-driven advertising to help escorts connect with prospective dates.

This pandemic has put up social obstacles like never before. But as the industry has proven, it doesn’t mean putting your social life on hold. With virtual dates, women can find companionship, and men can continue to meet new people using technology in this creative way.

We are all in this together. Talking, even online, will help us through it. These sites make it possible with its new virtual service.

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