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Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!
Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!

Master Series Stung tawse

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Punish your submissive with this Scottish-style Master Series Stung tawse, as used in schooltime corporal punishment! With this split end belt, you can really leave a sting as the two separate straps land across your partner's ass, thighs or breasts! The long straps allow for long, broad strokes that disperse the sting across their fleshy body. The grippy, steel reinforced handle is perfect for keeping a hold of the toy even if there's some lube on your hands. The steel inside the handle makes it so that even the handle can be a wicked implement to beaten with or even fucked with as a dildo! Depending on how you use this tawse, it can be thuddy, stingy, or both at the same time!

Colour:   Black
WARNING:   Not compatible with silicone lubricants. Always use water based lubes, such as Liquid Silk.

Length:   15" (38.1cm)
Insertable length:   1.75" (4.45cm)


  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water
  • Free from Phthalates
  • Grippy, Reinforced Handle
    The thick, grippy handle has subtle textured lines that help you hold on even when it's been exposed to lubricants. The round ball at the end has a hole through it so you can thread a rope or string through it to hand it up. Enjoy using this as a heavy impact play tool or even a dildo! It has been reinforced with a metal rod in the handle for extra durability.
  • Long Straps
    The longer straps allow for long, broad strokes along the bottom, back or thighs. Be careful if they whip around to the front!
  • Split Ends
    The "tawse" was a popular tool for punishment in Scottish schools and in corporal punishment. By splitting the ends, it adds a little extra bite to it as two separate straps land across your partner's backside.

How to use

Warm up your partner with playful slaps, spankings and a good impactful warmup. After they've consented to using the tawse, give them a few whacks on their backside across their buttocks or thighs. Slowly warm up to harder with more frequent blows and enjoy touching them and feeling the heat rise where you hit them. Mix it up and use the handle end on their bottom, back or feet! Want to get devious? Use the handle as a dildo and fuck them with it!

Materials:   Metal, Silicone (premium)
Properties:   Body safe