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Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!
Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!

Sportsheets Anal Explorer kit

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Explore the back door and you'll soon be wanting more!
Need a kit that's easy on your entry-level anus, but also know you'll soon be ready for more substantial fun? The Sportsheets Anal Explorer kit has got you covered. You and your favorite explorer will have everything you need to delve into your intimate curiosities and satisfy your most delicious desires. You will love the irresistible sight of your lover in the attractive, secure, and adjustable harness. Start with the small Please dildo* and, once your inexperienced opening has been properly romanced, switch it up to a more hefty piece with the larger Skyn dildo*.

Colours:   Black, Violet pearl
Size:   Adjustable
IMPORTANT:   The key to anal play is to take it slow! Attempting anal penetration before you are properly aroused can be unpleasant, so allow yourself to relax in order to enjoy the experience. Finger play is a great way to relax the anus. The anus and rectum DO NOT have an automatic lubricating system like the vagina, so use plenty of lotion to reduce friction and increase pleasure.
WARNING:   NOT compatible with silicone lubricants. Always use water based lubes, such as Liquid Silk .

Hips:   up to 60" (152.4cm)
 O-Ring #1
Diameter:   1.5" (3.8cm)
 O-Ring #2
Diameter:   1.8" (4.4cm)
 Please dildo
Length:   5.5" (14cm)
Diameter:   0.9" (2.2cm)
 Skyn dildo
Length:   6.5" (16.5cm)
Diameter:   1.3" (3.2cm)


  • 2 interchangeable O-Rings
  • Adjustable straps
  • Harness holds dildos with a flared base for pegging, or female-on-female sex

Materials:   ABS (plastic), Nickel free metal, Nitrile, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyvinyl