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Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!
Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!

Skins Rose Bums n Roses anal rimmer

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Welcome to your bumhole, we've got rimming games!!
Believed to be created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, roses have long been seen as a symbol of love. The Rose Buddies® Collection is bursting with love, passion and excitement, all brought together in one beautifully orgasmic bloom.

If you are new to anal play, or want to delve into the rimming experience with (or without) your partner, then the Skins Rose Bums n Roses anal rimmer is the perfect accompaniment to your introduction into the world of anal play. Paying anal attention to detail, the thicker appendage and mix n' match pleasure settings perfectly mimic the feeling of your partner's probing, swirling tongue to keep you guessing as you work your way through intense, unparalleled pleasure.

IMPORTANT:   The key to anal play is to take it slow! Attempting anal penetration before you are properly aroused can be unpleasant, so allow yourself to relax in order to enjoy the experience. Finger play is a great way to relax the anus. The anus and rectum DO NOT have an automatic lubricating system like the vagina, so use plenty of lotion to reduce friction and increase pleasure.
WARNING:   Not compatible with silicone lubricants. Always use water based lubes, such as Liquid Silk.


  • 10 pleasure settings
  • Discreet design
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water and Toy Cleaner
  • Ideal for solo, or partnered play
  • Unique probing and gyrating tongue action

Materials:   Silicone
Properties:   Body safe
Rechargeable:   Yes (USB)
Up to 60 mins use from a 2 hour charge
Waterproof:   Water resistant