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Sei Mio Tread Carefully paddle

Perfect for experimentation or seasoned spanking enthusiasts, the Sei Mio Tread Carefully paddle is double-sided, so you can choose the sensation - sleek and smooth, or rugged tyre-textured. Whether you leave an impression or not is down to you!

Sei Mio [Say-Me-Ohhhh] is Italian for ‘You’re Mine’. Inspired by la passione Italiana - where love is almost an obsession.

Colour:   Black

Length:   15" (38.1cm)


  • Discreet: slips into an overnight bag or drawer
  • Provocative, portable, and flexible
  • Stylish, sophisticated, and made to last
  • Tyre-textured: added grip, unique markmaking, and a satisfying slapping sound.

Waterproof:   Yes
Sei Mio Tread Carefully paddle
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