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Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!
Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!

Oxballs FIDO cocksheath

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Take your pup-play to the next level with the Oxballs FIDO cocksheath. The built-in COCKSLING at the base keeps FIDO firmly in place, even when you're pounding a puppy. If you want a tighter fit or more suction grip, FIDO comes with a nub insert that is designed to "lock" into the hollow chamber to shorten the inner length.

Colour:   Red

Length:   9" (22.86cm)
Width:   1.75 to 2.75"
(4.45 to 6.99cm)
Main hole circumference:   4.5" (11.43cm)
Shaft hole circumference:   3" (7.62cm)
Innser shaft length:   6" (15.24cm)
Ball hole circumference:   3.75" (9.53cm)
Shaft circumference:   5.25 to 6.75"
(13.34 to 17.15cm)
Weight:   209.79g (7.4oz)


  • Compatible with non-oil based lubricants
  • Free from Phthalates

How to use

Coat the inside with lube, pop your meat in the sheath, pull your nuts through the sling and you're ready to plow! FIDO's soft material and hollow inner chamber create a sloppy sucking sensation that works your cock while you work over a greased up hungry hole.
(For some serious grip on your meat we recommend "burping" out any excess air by tightly squeezing the length of FIDO down to the base)

Materials:   PLUS+SILICONE™ (TPR/Silicone blend)