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Oxballs CLAW textured glove

Oxballs CLAW textured glove is a soft, rubbery glove designed to transform your hand into the ultimate hole explorer…2 fingers in each dildo means more stretch and more flex to finger and fill where you want it most.

Oxballs morphed a twisted, rippled pegger shape onto a glove with a smooth, mushroom-headed dildo and a single-digit nub-covered thumb. These stretchy appendages are perfect for teasing and rubbing around a hungry hole, or filling up insatiable fist-pigs.


  • Length: 9.5” (24.13cm)
  • Width: 4” (10.16cm)
  • Finger (min): 3” (7.62cm)
  • Finger (max): 4.75” (12.07cm)
  • Weight: 368.5g (13oz)


  • Compatible with all lubricants
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water


  • Materials: FLEXtpr™
    • Phthalate free
    • Non-toxic
  • Colour: Black


Oxballs CLAW textured glove
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