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Moon clitoral stimulator

Under the crescent Moonlight, the little pussy is singing, and the stars are shining!
The Xingyue Moon clitoral stimulator has a unique hooked design, and is not only a vibrator, but a clitoral sucker too! The winding bow and Moon can perfectly touch the sensitive area of ​​the clitoris. The moment it's turned on, it's like an electric current passing through. The end of the Moon also massages the top of the labia.

Colour:   Blue and white

Dimensions (incl. charging base)
Height:   5" (12.7cm)
Length:   5" (12.6cm)
Width:   2.4" (6.1cm)


  • 9 vibration, 10 sucking modes
  • Whisper quiet

Materials:   Silicone (medical grade)
Rechargeable:   Yes (magnetic USB)
Up to 90mins use
Waterproof:   Yes
Noise level:   <40dB
Moon clitoral stimulator
Regular price £50.00