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Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!
Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!

La Gemmes Yoni Egg - Rose Quartz

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Wear La Gemmes Yoni Egg as a piece of jewellery around your neck, in your pocket, in your bra or as a pelvic floor muscle trainer in your vagina. A Yoni Egg was originally intended to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles but is also very suitable for other purposes. Because of the shape and size you can easily take the egg with you in your pocket for example. Or put it in your bra and wear it on your bare skin. And because there is a hole in the egg, you can thread a string through it and hang the egg around your neck, or hang it in a nice place in the house. This Yoni Egg is also very suitable as a meditation stone. You can safely store the egg in the supplied storage bag.

What are La Gemmes Yoni Eggs?
Yoni Eggs are crafted from 100% gemstone and are the size of a chicken's egg. Yoni Eggs were originally intended to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but are also very suitable for other purposes, such as a piece of jewellery. Gemstones are known for their healing energetic properties and each stone has its own energy that brings you more into contact with yourself. All stones are 100% natural and free of harmful chemicals, silicones and BPA. They are given by Mother Earth and are handcrafted, so each stone is unique in shape, size and color and the little imperfections makes the stones just perfect. Be careful when storing your crystal, it will break when it falls.


  • Small: 1.18 x 0.98" (3 x 2.5cm)
  • Medium: 1.57 x 1.18" (4 x 3cm)
  • Large: 1.97 x 1.38" (5 x 3.5cm)

The Benefits of Yogi Eggs
The egg can be carried in your vagina to strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor, and increase circulation in your lower abdomen. A strong pelvic floor provides more enjoyable intercourse and intensified orgasms. The energetic effect of the gemstones also enables the release of emotional tension and blockages. With use of the egg, you can get back in touch with your femininity and your own energy.

Improve your sex life, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, (re)connect with your feminine energy, relieve annoying female discomforts such as PMS symptoms or unwanted urine loss, by using 100% natural Yoni Eggs.

How to select your gemstone
You can select a suitable crystal based on your intuition - to which stone you are most drawn. You cannot make a wrong decision; the stone you choose is the right stone for you in that moment. If you aren't sure which gemstone you prefer, you can also make a selection based on the stones energetic properties. You may find that after using a stone for a certain period, you feel that you would prefer a different stone or that you like to alternate them. Trust your feeling and choose what feels right in that moment.

The properties of Rose Quartz
Unconditional Love Forgiveness Self-Love Fosters Healthy Relationships
Rose Quartz is slightly transparent and pink in colour. It is the stone of universal love and the heart. Rose quartz helps you to open yourself up to more love, romance and happiness in your life. It supports you in loving yourself more and forgiving yourself. The crystal softens heartache and sorrow and helps calm negative emotions and stress. Rose quartz supports the lungs, heart, genitals and fertility.