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Vegan Fetish handcuffs

Vegan Fetish produce high-quality products that are true to the original leather look style, but don’t contain any animal components.


For exciting bondage games!
These Vegan Fetish handcuffs are the perfect item for all the fetish fans. Thanks to the practical hook and loop fasteners, the handcuffs are easy to use and can be adjusted easily too. The removable metal chain makes various games possible. The handcuffs are a real all-rounder that shouldn’t be missing from anyone’s fetish collection.

Colour: Black

Weight: 162g (5.7oz)


  • 100% vegan
  • Perfect for bondage games
  • Removable connection chain

Materials: Polyurethan (waterborne), Metal
Packaging: Environmentally-friendly certified with the FSC seal (the mark of responsible forestry).
Vegan Fetish handcuffs
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