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Strict Leather puppy mitts

Give your canine some comfortable paws to crawl around with! These Strict Leather puppy mitts are the perfect addition to your puppy play* scenes! Push their fists into the luxurious leather padded interior, effectively taking away their ability to use their fingers. Force them to walk on all fours while they beg for your affection! The lacing allows you to tighten the gloves for security before velcroing them around their wrists. These beautifully-crafted leather mitts are even detailed with an adorable paw print. Your fetish fantasy will be brought to life like never before as your pup barks in admiration of their new accessories.

Colour: Black
* Puppy hood sold separately - NOT included with this purchase

Length: 8" (20.3cm)
Width: 6" (15.2cm)

Materials: Leather, Velcro
Strict Leather puppy mitts
Regular price £124.00