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Spritz Sex Toy Cleaner 150ml

Spritz Sex Toy Cleaner 150ml

Maintain good hygiene levels and avoid nasty infections by keeping all your sex toys in tip top condition and free from bacteria/germ build up with this paraben and alcohol free with Spritz Sex Toy Cleaner.

Don't just chuck your sex toys back in your bedside draw after use until the next time. It's not healthy for you. Simply apply directly to your sex toys with a couple of sprays the wipe off for ultimate freshness.

This toy cleaner is great for regular use and comes in a handy spray bottle for easy application. This cleaner can be used on silicone, glass, metal and more for a quick, effective clean. Use it on your toys before play for peace of mind, and after - to keep them clean and ready for anytime use.


< 5% - Non-ionic surfactants - Anionic surfactants ; Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.

Spritz Sex Toy Cleaner 150ml
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