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Ouch! Door swing

Explore a variety of new positions with an ordinary door and the Ouch! door swing. Just place the 2 acrylic tubes over the top of any open door, close the door and lock for safety. Help your lover slide their thighs through the loops and arms through the upper loops. Use the handles for extra safety. Adjust to a comfortable height and get ready for the time of you life.


  • Weight: 300g


  • No permanent installation needed.
  • Holds up to 300kg (661lbs)


  • Materials: Acrylic, Satin
  • Colour: Black

What's included:

  • Fully adjustable door swing
  • 2 acrylic door jam tubes
  • Padded thigh support
  • Satin eye mask
  • Packaging: cardboard box


Ouch! Door swing
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