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Ouch! Chest Bulldog harness

This handsome Ouch! Chest Bulldog harness combines bonded leather and stainless-steel detail, to wrap around your chest and back, accentuating your curves and edges. The two O-rings, one on the front and the back, make it easy to attach various BDSM accessories and take your bondage play to the next level. Buckles on the sides of the torso and on each shoulder allow you to adjust this harness to the perfect fit. Wear it on bare skin and instantly capture admiring eyes as they showcase your strength. Wear it over your clothes and let people know what kind of fun you're up for!

Colour:   Black
Sizes:   Adjustable (Large to XL)


  • Free from Phthalates
Ouch! Chest Bulldog harness
Regular price £44.00