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Master Series Pony Head bridle and bit

Once you've broken the horse, it's time for a bit of training!
This Master Series Pony Head bridle and bit will keep your pony fully under your control, subduing any neigh-sayers and reminding them that they are your property. The attractive design features perky equine ears and a bit gag that snaps on and off, depending on how you feel like horsing around. Buckle them into it for an equestrian show or a private ride.
This beautiful bridle harness is made of vegan leather, but just because it's cruelty-free, doesn't mean you have to be! The metal hardware is nickel-free so as not to aggravate pernickety ponies.

Colour:   Black
Size:   Adjustable

Forehead strap:   6.8 to 1.8"
(17.1 to 4.4cm)
Back head strap:   6.8 to 13.8"
(17.1 to 34.9cm)
Side straps:   8 to 11.5"
(20.3 to 29.2cm)
Nape strap:   8.3 to 15.3"
(21 to 38.7cm)
Chin strap:   5.5 to 8.5"
(14 to 21.6cm)
Bit length:   5" (12.7cm)
Bit diameter:   0.8" (1.9cm)


  • 6 adjustment points - easy to find the perfect fit for your steed!
  • Bit gag can be removed via snap closures
  • Vegan friendly

Materials:   Metal, PU Leather, Silicone, Vegan leather
Master Series Pony Head bridle and bit
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