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Master Series Master Lasher flogger

The Master Series Master Lasher flogger is a dungeon essentiall. The thick ergonomic handle is a joy to hold and makes it easy to manipulate the leather falls so you can punish your partner with just the right amount of sting.

Punish and please with the plush tassles - when your sub has been especially bratty, this flogger is perfect for putting them in their place! Strap them down, restrain their hands and flog their meaty bits like the upper back, thighs, and ass. The individual leather tails sting just right without inflicting the wrong kind of pain

Perfect for beginners to explore the dark side of the bedroom, or experienced dungeon denizens who need a flogger that can stand up to some real rough play! The Master Lasher is ready for all skill levels, and all kinds of kinky activities.

Colours:   Black, Brown

Length:   18.8" (47.6cm)
Falls length:   10.4" (26.4cm)
Width:   2" (5.1cm)

Materials:   Metal, PU Leather, Wood
Master Series Master Lasher flogger
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