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Master Series Lock-It heart choker

A Locking Symbol of Ownership
Gift your sub a shining symbol of your ownership with this Master Series Lock-It heart choker! The locking silver heart displays your partner's submission, serving as a physical reminder of your ownership and protection. The subtle dungeon vibrator that can be worn both at home and around town.

2 heart shaped keys are included with this choker, as well as two strap sizes so you can find the perfect fit for you or your partner.

Gift your partner the key to your heart and your sexuality! Set out goals and rules before locking this collar on your person and grant them freedom once the list is fulfilled, perfect for all levels of BDSM play.

Colour:   Black & silver

Strap #1 length:   13.3" (33.7cm)
Strap #2 length:   15" (38.1cm)
Width:   0.6" (1.6cm)
Master Series Lock-It heart choker
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