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Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!
Many more items available in our St Benedicts Street Store!

The Beast Asylum

Art with a Purpose! Hand-sculpted, hand-poured, platinum cured fantasies!

Due to the nature of the handcrafting process, products vary in size and colour, and are therefore unavailable online. We recommend you visit our St Benedicts Street store to view the products to make an informed decision. 

Cerberus is a beast like no other. With sensational spinal ridges flowing down a 5 inch long shaft, and a knot of 9.5 inches in diameter, this dildo will have you howling for more!

DOOM £88
Doom the tentacle monster has escaped! This tapering coil of sensation will fill you with pleasure with suckers and ridges corkscrewing around to a wide solid base.


Let Fuckbeak carry you to a magical high! This monstrous dildo is a thing of beauty, just like the Hippogryph creature it is based upon.  A uniquely tapered tip leads to a long shaft with three rings, one at the top and two half way.


Emerging from the depths and preparing to seize you is The Merman! A sensational ridged front emanating waves alongside a bubble indentation caressing the back of this sex toy results in a feeling like no other! Decorated with seaweed and bubbles across the base.


Bring out your inner Mermaid!  Oozing with detail at every angle, this butt plug is a piece of art! Featuring ridges, bubbles and scales along the main body. Fin details cascade vertically downward towards a base embellished with seashells. 


Answer to the call of Overlord! Self proclaimed commander of the tentacles at the Asylum, this confident intruder will lead you to a blissful destiny with suckers, ridges and reaching curve.