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Master Series Obedience extreme sex bench

Keep your lover in position for punishment or pleasure!
Enjoy easy access to your partner's holes and keep them bent over for a spanking with the Master Series Obedience extreme sex bench. This sturdy fuck bench is made of durable, heavy-duty steel, capable of supporting up to 400 pounds of weight. Adjust the height of the arms and legs for a customized piece of sex furniture that allows you to plunge deeper than ever before. You can even remove the headrest, which is U-shaped so that, when it's on, you can still hear every gasp and scream of pleasure. Optional straps allow you to restrain them so that they're entirely at your mercy while you have your way with their vulnerable body. The buckles are easy to use and quick to release. This fucking bench is padded for the ultimate comfort so that your sexual endeavours can go on and on.

Colour: Black
NOTE: Supports up to 400lbs of weight

Height: 27" (68.6cm)
Width: 50" (127cm)
Torso pad
Length: 18.5" (47cm)
Width: 8.5" (21.6cm)
Arm & Ankle cuffs
Length: 12" (30.5cm)
Width: 4" (10.2cm)


  • Comfy face rest
    Padded and adjustable to save your neck, and allows you to breathe during your session
  • Easy-Snap straps
    Adjustable for the perfect amount of tightness! Keep them in place and watch them squirm as you play
  • Ergonomic design
    Each pad is angled and generously padded for comfort during extended sessions
  • Fully adjustable
    Leg pads, arm pads, and face rest can be adjusted to fit a variety of body sizes
  • Lock 'em down
    Bend them over, strap down their limbs, and have your way with their body! This Obedience Bench is purpose-built for you to indulge in impact play, bondage, and other kinky activities
  • Sturdy and durable
    Capable of supporting up to 400lbs and study enough for couples who love to play rough!

Materials: Nylon, PU Leather, Stainless steel
Master Series Obedience extreme sex bench
Regular price £500.00